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 きゃく kyaku       
観客  かんきゃく  (n) audience / spectator(s) 
棄却  ききゃく  (n,vs) rejection / dismissal / abandoning / renunciation / waiver 
客間  きゃくま  (n) parlor / guest room 
客室  きゃくしつ  (n) drawing room / guest room 
客車  きゃくしゃ  (n) passenger car 
客席  きゃくせき  (n) guest seating 
客船  きゃくせん  (n) passenger boat 
脚色  きゃくしょく  (n) dramatization (e.g. film) 
脚注  きゃくちゅう  (n) footnote 
脚本  きゃくほん  (n) scenario 
橋脚  きょうきゃく  (n) bridge pier / pontoon bridge 
顧客  こきゃく  (n) customer / client / patron 
失脚  しっきゃく  (n,vs) losing one's standing / being overthrown / falling 
乗客  じょうきゃく  (n) passenger 
退却  たいきゃく  (n) retreat / withdrawal / retirement 
珍客  ちんきゃく  (n) welcome visitor 
売却  ばいきゃく  (n,vs) sale / disposal by sale 
賓客  ひんきゃく  (n) guest of honour / privileged guest / visitor 
返却  へんきゃく  (n,vs) return of something / repayment 
訪客  ほうきゃく  (n) visitor / guest 
忘却  ぼうきゃく  (n) lapse of memory / forgetfulness / oblivion 
来客  らいきゃく  (n) visitor / caller 
来客芳名録  らいきゃくほうめいろく  guest book 
立脚  りっきゃく  (n,vs) being based on 
旅客  りょきゃく  (n) passenger (transport) 

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