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   フ / ちち  father
お祖父さん  おじいさん  (n) grandfather / male senior-citizen
お父さん  おとうさん  (n) (hon) father
岳父  がくふ  (n) father-in-law
義父  ぎふ  (n) father-in-law / foster father / stepfather
御祖父さん  おじいさん  (n) grandfather / male senior-citizen
御父さん  おとうさん  (n) (hon) father
叔父  おじ  (n) uncle (younger than one's parent)
叔父  しゅくふ  (n) uncle (younger than one's parent)
叔父さん  おじさん  (n) (hon) (uk) middle-aged gentleman / uncle
小父さん  おじさん  (n) (hon) (uk) middle-aged gentleman / uncle
神父  しんぷ  (n) Catholic priest / abbe
祖父  そふ  (n) grandfather
伯父  おじ  (n) (hum) uncle (older than one's parent)
伯父  はくふ  (n) (hum) uncle (older than one's parent)
伯父さん  おじさん  (n) (hon) (uk) middle-aged gentleman / uncle
父さん  とうさん  (n) father
父兄  ふけい  (n) guardians / parents and older brothers
父子  ふし  (n) father and child (son)
父親  ちちおや  (n) father
父母  ちちはは  (n) father and mother / parents
父母  ふぼ  (n) father and mother / parents
父方  ちちかた  (n) father's side of family
亡父  ぼうふ  (n) my deceased father / my late father

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