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   ソク / はや.い / はや- / はや.める / すみ.やか  quick / fast
加速  かそく  (n,vs) acceleration
快速  かいそく  (adj-na,n) high speed / celerity / mobility / express (train that bypasses many stations)
快速電車  かいそくでんしゃ  (n) high-speed train
急速  きゅうそく  (adj-na,n) rapid (e.g. progress)
減速  げんそく  (n,vs) deceleration
高速  こうそく  (adj-na,n) high speed / high gear
高速道路  こうそくどうろ  highway / freeway
時速  じそく  (n) speed (per hour)
迅速  じんそく  (adj-na,n) quick / fast / rapid / swift / prompt
拙速  せっそく  (adj-na,n) hasty / rough and ready
全速力  ぜんそくりょく  (n) full speed
早速  さっそく  (adv) at once / immediately / without delay / promptly
速い  はやい  (adj) quick / fast / swift
速く  はやく  (adv,n) early / fast / soon
速さ  はやさ  (n) speed
速める  はやめる  (v1) to hasten / to quicken / to expedite / to precipitate / to accelerate
速やか  すみやか  (adj-na,n) speed
速記  そっき  (n) shorthand / stenography
速達  そくたつ  (n) express / special delivery
速達便  そくたつびん  (abbr) special delivery mail / express delivery post
速度  そくど  (n) speed / velocity / rate
速力  そくりょく  (n) speed
速力度  そくりょくど  speed / velocity
遅速  ちそく  (n) speed / progress
超音速  ちょうおんそく  (n) supersonic speed
敏速  びんそく  (adj-na,n) quickness / agility / activity
風速  ふうそく  (n) wind speed

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