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   モン かど と  gates 
関門  かんもん  (n) barrier / gateway 
桑門  そうもん  (n) Buddhist priest / Buddhism 
宗門  しゅうもん  (n) doctrine / creed / sect 
城門  じょうもん  (n) castle gate 
仁王門  におうもん  (n) Deva gate / temple gate guarded by fierce Deva Kings / temple gate of the Nio 
正門  せいもん  (n) main gate / main entrance 
専門  せんもん  (n) speciality / specialty / subject of study / expert 
専門家  せんもんか  (n) specialist 
入門  にゅうもん  (n) primer / manual / entering an institute / introduction to 
部門  ぶもん  (n) class / group / category / department / field / branch 
名門  めいもん  (n) noted family / noble family 
門下生  もんかせい  (n) pupil / disciple / follower 
門外漢  もんがいかん  (n) outsider / layman / amateur 
門口  かどぐち  (n) door / entrance / gateway 
門歯  もんし  (n) incisor / incisive tooth 
門松  かどまつ  (n) New Year's pine decoration 
門弟  もんてい  (n) disciple / pupil / follower 
門閥  もんばつ  (n) lineage / pedigree / good family 
門扉  もんぴ  (n) door(s) of a gate 
幽門  ゆうもん  (n) pylorus / opening of stomach into duodenum 
裏門  うらもん  (n) back gate 
楼門  ろうもん  (n) two-storied gate / tower gate 

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