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  ド ト つち  soil / earth / ground / Turkey 
  チ ジ  ground / earth 
  ジョウ つち  lot / earth / soil 
  ロ いろり  hearth / furnace / kiln / reactor 
一体  いったい  (adv,n) (1) one object / one body / (2) what on earth? / really? / (3) generally 
下界  げかい  (n) this world / the earth / hades / the nether world 
震央  しんおう  (n) epicentre / epicenter / earthquake centre 
震源  しんげん  (n) epicentre / epicenter / earthquake centre 
震災  しんさい  (n) earthquake disaster 
震度  しんど  (n) Japanese earthquake scale (level 1: weak to level 7: devastation) 
瀬戸物  せともの  (n) earthenware / crockery / china 
塑像  そぞう  (n) earthen image 
大地  だいち  (n) ground / earth / the solid earth / the (vast) land 
暖炉  だんろ  (n) fireplace / hearth / stove 
地殻  ちかく  (n) earth's crust 
地殻変動  ちかくへんどう  change in earth's crust 
地球  ちきゅう  (adj-no,n) the earth 
地軸  ちじく  (n) earth's axis 
地震  じしん  (n) earthquake 
地面  じめん  (n) ground / earth's surface 
土塊  つちくれ  (n) lump of earth / clod 
土塊  どかい  (n) lump of earth / clod 
土塀  どべい  (n) mud wall / earthen wall / plaster wall 
煩悩  ぼんのう  (n) earthly desires / passions / lusts / carnal desires 
不足  ふそく  (adj-na,n,vs) insufficiency / shortage / deficiency / lack / dearth 
払底  ふってい  (n) shortage / scarcity / dearth / famine 
烈震  れっしん  (n) disastrous earthquake 

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