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  ドウ リュク リキ ロク リョク はたら.く  work / (kokuji) 
  カ かせ.ぐ  earnings / work / earn money 
  ショク ソク  post / employment / work 
  チョ チャク あらわ.す いちじる.しい  renowned / publish / write / remarkable / phenomenal / put on / don / wear / arrival / finish (race) / counter for suits of clothing / literary work 
佳作  かさく  (n) good piece of work 
稼働  かどう  (n,vs) operation (of machine) / actual work 
稼動  かどう  (n,vs) operation (of machine) / actual work 
詰める  つめる  (v1) to pack / to shorten / to work out (details) 
業績  ぎょうせき  (n) achievement / performance / results / work / contribution 
勤める  つとめる  (v1) (1) to serve / to fill a post / to serve under / to work (for) / (2) to exert oneself / to endeavor / to be diligent / (3) to play (the part of) 
勤め先  つとめさき  (n) place of work 
勤務  きんむ  (n,vs) service / duty / work 
苦心  くしん  (n,vs) pain / trouble / anxiety / diligence / hard work 
係る  かかる  (v5r) to be the work of / to concern / to affect / to involve 
傑作  けっさく  (adj-na,n) masterpiece / best work / boner / blunder 
原作  げんさく  (n) original work 
後輩  こうはい  (n) junior (at work or school) 
工作  こうさく  (n) work / construction / handicraft / maneuvering 
工事  こうじ  (n) construction work 
工程  こうてい  (n) work schedule / amount of work 
荒仕事  あらしごと  (n) rough work / hard work 
細工  さいく  (n) work / craftsmanship / tactics / trick 
作業  さぎょう  (n) work / operation / manufacturing / fatigue duty 
作品  さくひん  (n) work / opus / performance / production 
作物  さくぶつ  (n) literary work 
残業  ざんぎょう  (n,vs) overtime (work) 
仕える  つかえる  (v1) to serve / to work for 
仕事  しごと  (adj-no,n) work / occupation / employment 
使役  しえき  (n,vs) employing / using / setting to work / enslavement 
事務  じむ  (n) business / office work 
実働時間  じつどうじかん  actual work hours 
授業  じゅぎょう  (n,vs) lesson / class work 
就業時間  しゅうぎょうじかん  work hours 
出勤  しゅっきん  (n,vs) going to work / at work 
職場  しょくば  (n) one's post / place of work / workplace 
職歴  しょくれき  (n) work experience / work history 
振る  ふる  (v5r,vt) (1) to wave / to shake / to swing / (2) to sprinkle / (3) to cast (actor) / to allocate (work) 
神業  かみわざ  (n) divine work / miracle 
人工  じんこう  (n) artificial / manmade / human work / human skill / artificiality 
制作  せいさく  (n,vs) work (film, book) 
先輩  せんぱい  (n) senior (at work or school) / superior / elder / older graduate / progenitor / old-timer 
創作  そうさく  (n) production / literary creation / work 
早引き  はやびき  (n,vs) leaving work (office, school) early 
早引け  はやびけ  (n,vs) leaving work (office, school) early 
多忙  たぼう  (adj-na,n) busy / pressure of work 
駄作  ださく  (n) poor work / rubbish 
探偵  たんてい  (n) detective work 
著書  ちょしょ  (n) literary work / book 
通勤  つうきん  (n,vs) commuting to work 
鉄骨工事  てっこつこうじ  steel frame-work 
伝道  でんどう  (n,vs) proselytizing / evangelism / missionary work 
努めて  つとめて  (adv,exp) make an effort! / work hard! 
努める  つとめる  (v1) (1) to serve / to fill a post / to serve under / to work (for) / (2) to exert oneself / to endeavor / to be diligent / (3) to play (the part of) 
働き  はたらき  (n) work / workings / activity / ability / talent / function / labor / action / operation / movement / motion / conjugation / inflection / achievement 
働く  はたらく  (v5k) to work / to labor / to do / to act / to commit / to practise / to work on / to come into play / to be conjugated / to reduce the price 
動く  うごく  (v5k,vi) to move / to stir / to shift / to shake / to swing / to operate / to run / to go / to work / to be touched / to be influenced / to waver / to fluctuate / to vary / to change / to be transferred 
二人前  ににんまえ  (adj-no) for two people / (work) of two / (meals) for two 
二人前  ふたりまえ  (adj-no) for two people / (work) of two / (meals) for two 
日課  にっか  (n) daily lesson / daily work / daily routine 
不朽の名作  ふきゅうのめいさく  immortal work 
務める  つとめる  (v1) (1) to serve / to fill a post / to serve under / to work (for) / (2) to exert oneself / to endeavor / to be diligent / (3) to play (the part of) 
練る  ねる  (v5r) to knead / to work over / to polish up 
労働  ろうどう  (n) manual labor / toil / work 
労動  ろうどう  (oK) (n) manual labor / toil / work 
浪人  ろうにん  (n,vs) (1) ronin / lordless samurai / (2) out of work / (3) waiting for another chance to enter a university 

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